In 1999, Benini and his wife Lorraine  purchased 140 acres in the Texas Hill Country that have been turned into The Benini Foundation Galleries and Sculpture Ranch which includes  the residence, guesthouse and a 14000 sq. ft. Studios Building with offices, showroom, studios and fine arts library. In the surrounding hilly, Mediterranean-like landscape, national and international sculptors are placing large-scale contemporary works.

In his studio, at night, Benini creates paintings that appear three-dimensional. His highly disciplined technique, requiring up to 20 layers of acrylic paint applied by brush, gives a glow to pigments and transforms familiar geometric and organic shapes into lyrical canvases that, stretched over flat aluminum, hanging inches from the wall, complete the feeling of dimension.

These paintings, related to Italian Baroque and Rococo art, as well as the simple elegance of Islamic pattern art, have evolved into space age imagery. Through the years, Benini has also produced a number of assemblages, that he calls divertimenti.  Varying in size from a few inches to 15 feet, these divertimenti are built with different materials: wood, steel, stone and more recently, granite.

This facility is open by appointment to art lovers and student tours, please call first.

Electronic images of screen captures and photographs are available on our website ( or upon request.

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Lorraine Benini