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Benini's exhibition career started with a one-man show in Milano, Italy in 1961. During his late teens and early 20's, Benini painted landscapes and still lifes in a traditional style. By 1965, his painting evolved into large-scale, monochromatic renderings of the human figure. From the mid 1970's, he alternated large-scale representations of the rose and dream-like paintings with strong symbolist content. During the mid 1980's, Benini's work took a sharp turn toward geometry and the mathematical sciences. He took a break from exhibitions, and initiated a new series of work abstracts, with blended and dropped pigments, a series he continues to this day. To date, he has had 160 one-man exhibitions.

Forthcoming Exhibitions: tba


Solo Exhibitions:

GEORGETOWN ART CENTER, Georgetown, Texas, 2014
YAVAPAI COLLEGE, Prescott, Arizona, 2013
GEORGETOWN ART CENTER, Georgetown, Texas, 2013
IMAS, INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART AND SCIENCE, McAllen, Texas, New Masterworks, Sept 6, 2012 through Jan 20, 2013
BRECKENRIDGE FINE ARTS CENTER, Breckenridge, Texas, May 18 through June 15, 2012.
GREG THOMPSON FINE ARTS, North Little Rock, Arkansas, The Painter's Journey, March through May 14, 2011.
GALLERY CENTRAL, Hot Springs Arkansas. "Benini: Under the Texas Stars". February & March, 2006
LEONARD FINE ARTS, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 2001-2002.
GRACE MUSEUM, ABILENE TEXAS, January, 2001. Twenty Year Retrospective Exhibition.
MICHELSON MUSEUM, Marshall, Texas. September - October, 1999.
WALTON FINE ARTS CENTER, Fayetteville, Arkansas. March, 1999.
BAUM GALLERY, University of Central Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas. February, 1999.
BRENDA KROOS GALLERY, Cleveland, Ohio. "Nothing Like Blue Stars". August/September 1998
CASA d'ARTE, Shreveport, Louisiana. "Benini 98: Something Gold, Something New", April, 1998.
ARTS CENTER OF THE OZARKS, Springdale, Arkansas. "Benini: On Target." July - August, 1997
CASA d'ARTE, Shreveport, Louisiana. Gallery exhibition, 1997.
IRVING ARTS CENTER, Irving, Texas. "Benini: Paintings." September 26, 1996 - February, 1997.
BARNWELL ART CENTER, Shreveport, Louisiana. "Benini Returns." July-August, 1996.
CASA d'ARTE, Shreveport, Louisiana. Gallery exhibition, 1996.
ARTS AND SCIENCE CENTER, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. December 14, 1995 - January 31, 1996.
BRENDA KROOS GALLERY, Cleveland, Ohio. "Benini in Cleveland." November 1995 - January 31, 1996.
GTE World Headquarters, Irving, Texas. September, 1995.
ARKANSAS RIVER VALLEY ARTS CENTER,Russellville, Arkansas. "Benini: The Shape of Color." March 5 - April 8, 1995.
McALLEN INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM, McAllen, Texas. "BENINI 94: Inner Colours Outer Spaces." April 14-June 26, 1994.
CARNEGIE ART CENTER, Leavenworth, Kansas. "Shapes of Illusion: Benini's Recent Paintings." March 7-30, 1993.
MINOTAUR'S FORUM GALLERY, The Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada. Invitational Exhibition.
CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY, Rosicrucian Museums, San Jose, California. "Benini: Color &Dimension." July- AUG 1992.
MID-AMERICA MUSEUM, Hot Springs, Arkansas. "Benini: Beyond Dimension." April 5, 1991 - October, 1992.
TURMAN GALLERY, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana. "Benini: Recent Paintings." August 30 -September 27, 1991.
HUNTINGTON COLLEGE. Merillat Centre for the Arts, Huntington, Indiana. "Homage to Dimension." February-March, 1991.
GODDARD CENTER FOR VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS, Ardmore, Oklahoma. "Benini: Motionsand Emotions/Paintings:
A Retrospective." December 15, 1990 - January 31, 1991.
WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY, Grandview Gallery, Morgantown, West Virginia. "Alla Geometria/Benini:Paintings of the 80's." November 8 - December 1, 1990.
UNIVERSITY OF THE OZARKS, Walton Fine Arts Center, Stephens Gallery, Clarksville, Arkansas. "Born of the Hills/Benini: 1989-90 Paintings."
November 1 –30, 1990.
BEVERLY ART CENTER, Chicago, Illinois. "Tortoises and Elephants/ Benini: Recent Paintings." November 1-30, 1990.
COKER COLLEGE, Hartsville, South Carolina. "Benini at Coker." September 4 - 28, 1990.
McHENRY COUNTY COLLEGE, Art Gallery, Crystal Lake, Illinois. "Benini at MCC." January 21 -February 10, 1990.
ALABAMA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tullibody Fine Arts Center, Montgomery,Alabama."Benini at ASU. November-December 1989.
THE CENTER FOR VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS, Northern Indiana Arts Association, Munster, Indiana. "Benini." September 9 - 27, 1989.
ARKANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY, Art Gallery, Jonesboro, Arkansas. "Dimensions: Real an Unreal/Benini at Arkansas State." June 30 - July 27, 1989.
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Etherredge Fine Arts Center, Aiken, South Carolina. "Benini at USC Aiken." November 11 - December 14, 1988.
DUKE UNIVERSITY, Durham, North Carolina. "Benini at Duke," October 30 - December 15, 1988.
BRIDGEWATER STATE COLLEGE, Rondileau Art Gallery, Bridgewater, Massachusetts. "Benini at Bridgewater State College." October 4 -26, 1988.
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS at Urbana/Champaign, Urbana, IL. "Benini at the University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign." May 9 - June 10, 1988.
OAKTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Koehnline Gallery, Chicago, IL. "Possible and Impossible: The Dimensions of Color." February 9 - March 4, 1988.
PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY, LITTMAN GALLERY, Portland, Oregon. "Benini/Mond 87: Journeys Through Shape and Color." September 14 - October 9, 1987.
FORT SMITH ART CENTER, Fort Smith, Arkansas. "Benini 87: Farewell to the Rose." September 6 - 27, 1987.
Unveiling by the Western Arkansas Ballet.
BOCA RATON MUSEUM OF ART, Florida Juried Exhibition. Curated by Lowery Sims, Associate Curator,The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.
OSCEOLA CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Kissimmee, Florida, "Benini 86: Shapes of Magic." September 30 - November 2, 1986.
THE LCAA ART GALLERY , Newark, Ohio, "Benini in Newark." October 4 - October 26, 1986.
DAYTONA BEACH COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Daytona Beach, Florida. "Benini at DBCC." December 3-19, 1985.
THE LANDMARK CENTER, Orlando, Florida. "Benini 85." September 14 - November 15, 1985.
JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY, Jacksonville, Florida. "Benini on Campus." August 28 - October 4, 1985.
" Benini in Las Vegas," Paintings and Pastels. March 3-28, 1985. Unveiling by the Las Vegas Civic Ballet.
CHASE MANHATTAN, Freeport, Grand Bahama. January-December 1984.
UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, Reno, Nevada. "Benini: Paintings of the 80's." August 31 - September 28, 1984.
EMPIRE OF AMERICA, Deland, Florida. "Tales from the Edge of Time." January 14, 1984 - March 31, 1984.
SCOTTSDALE CENTER FOR THE ARTS. Scottsdale, Arizona. "Art for Life." Charity exhibition for Arizona Kidney Foundation. February 25, 1984.
FLORIDA STATE CAPITOL, Tallahassee, Florida. "Benini at the Capitol." November 1, 1983 - January 7, 1984.
GROVE ISLE CLUB, Grove Isle, Florida. "Benini at Grove Isle." November, 1983.
BACARDI'S INTERNATIONAL, Bimini, Bahamas. "Benini in Bimini." March 3-10, 1983.
FIRST FEDERAL MID-FLORIDA, DeLand, Florida. "The Garden of Spatial Delights." November 6, 1982 - January 31, 1983.
GALLERIA OPEN ARTE, Milano, Italy. "Benini: Solo exhibition." November 1982 - January 1983.
BOTTEGA DE CIMABUE, Florence, Italy. "Benini: Solo Exhibition." November 1982 - March 1983.
THOMAS CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Gainesville, Florida. "A Pilgrim's Garden." Paintings and Works on Paper, 70 Pieces. Catalog
"A Pilgrim's Garden: Benini at the Thomas Center for the Arts."
ORMOND BEACH MEMORIAL ART GALLERY, Ormond Beach, Florida. "Baroque and Beyond." July 19 - August 31, 1982.
GALLERIA CAIROLI, Ravenna, Italy. "Benini: Nuova Arte." August, 1982.
BUENA VISTA, Nassau, Bahamas. "Color Fields and Dreams." March 6-14, 1982.
BREVARD ART CENTER & MUSEUM, Melbourne, Florida. "Color Fields and Dreams." February 7-28, 1982.
PALAZZO PRETORIO, Poggibonsi, Italy. "Poggibonsi Arte." December 19, 1981-January 17, 1982.
CHASE MANHATTAN, Freeport, Grand Bahama. "Benini." January-December 1982.
FIRST FEDERAL MID-FLORIDA, DeLand, Florida. "Superroses and The Mind." November 14, 1981 - January 15, 1982.
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CRAMER GALLERY, Washington D.C. "Benini in Washington." March, 1979.
WAUCHULA STATE BANK, Wauchula, Florida. "Solomon-Benini Art Exhibition." February, 1979.
THE BELVIN HOUSE, Tallahassee, Florida. February, 1979.
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AUCTION 393, New York, New York. January, 1977.
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